Customized Size Labels


* Customize Label: Minimum Order Labels Quantity 500pcs

* Complete time: 7-15 Days

* Only For Clothing Product Customization

Place an order and email label design
The collar label (size label) does not change
Make custom labels according to customer design logo requirements( Size; Shape; Base Colour: white, transparent,etc.)
Free to put labels on the clothes after placing the order
The rest of labels we can ship with the package, or store in our warehouse and change for free in the future.
Newoneline  provide high quality services and the latest fashion products with accurate & timely delivery at the lowest cost to you. Our Services will enable you to have competitive prices & trending products. This will enable your business to reach and sell your local customers. We aim to help our customers grow their respective businesses and expand their market share & customer base by providing girls and boys boutique clothing wholesale that will give their business worldwide exposure.

Send inquiry and tell us the size, color, packing, style and fabric of the sample.

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