Embroidery has long been a popular choice for customizing clothing. With its evolution over time, the partnership between custom clothing and custom embroidery services has proven to be a successful one. Many clothing lines utilize embroidery to set themselves apart from their competitors. Manufacturers experiment with various styles to engage their customers. Numerous embroidery services offer customizations to help clothing brands grow their business.

Reliable Custom Embroidered Apparel Services


Our custom embroidery facility offers an easy-to-use solution for all your clothing needs. We provide an affordable, fast, and convenient service that delivers high-quality finished products with exceptional decoration and amenities. Our expert embroiderers provide personalized services to the industry.

Create your own line of embroidered garments featuring your business or company logo and sell them under your private label or brand. We offer a range of embroidery services for a variety of apparel products and accessories.

Versatile Custom Embroidery Services For All Your Needs


Apparel embroidery can be challenging due to issues such as thread breaks, irregular bobbin, inappropriate thread tension, and poor framing. Our team of skilled workers has faced these challenges thousands of times and has learned to follow best practices to ensure premium results.

We have mastered a wide variety of services and, as one of the finest embroidery manufacturers, we have much to offer for your customized and personalized product lines.

High Quality Embroidery Manufacturing For Best Results


Our custom embroidery professionals are dedicated to providing first-rate and excellent products. We use sharp needles and backing paper to deliver impeccable results with outstanding thread quality and balanced upper thread tension. With the right bobbin and tight frame, we ensure that your embroidered designs always stand out.

We rigorously check all custom embroidered products for accuracy and our Quality Assurance team strictly adheres to parameters to deliver precise results. We use state-of-the-art technology for artwork digitization and high-performance machines to optimize your orders for superior results.

Embroidery Patches

Custom-made embroidery patches are a quick and easy solution for achieving high-quality results without stitching directly onto the fabric. Available in adhesive or stitched forms, these patches serve the same purpose: to prevent the discomfort of direct embroidery when worn. Many people prefer to apply embroidery patches to their customized garments to increase embroidery density.Direct embroidery on lightweight fabrics such as jersey can feel uncomfortable due to the weight of the threads. To avoid this, embroidered patches are often used when embroidery is an essential part of the design.At Newonlie, we offer custom design cuts for our patches and can apply them to your garments in any way you choose.

Regular Embroidery

Regular embroidery is an excellent method for adding designs to products, particularly corporate logos. Newoneline has taken this a step further by offering both embroidery and screen printing or sublimation on a single garment. This allows customers to create unique designs for their garments. If you want a logo that combines embroidery and screen printing, look no further than Newoneline. Send us your designs and we will help you choose the best option based on the fabric of your garment.

Raised Or 3D Embroidery

As a costume making professional, I would recommend our Raised or 3D embroidery option for a more prominent design with a 3D-like effect. This technique involves creating a puff-like feel using thread to enhance the prominence of the design. It is particularly effective on heavy fabrics such as fleece and French terry, commonly used for hoodies and sweatshirts. Regular embroidery may not be as prominent on these types of fabrics, making 3D embroidery the perfect solution for achieving the desired level of prominence.


    If you are genuinely looking for professionals in Apparel Designing and Manufacturing services, Newoneline Apparel is the right choice for finest and long-lasting product quality.


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